How to get employee buy-in

for projects and change programmes   

My name is Johanna Kroon. I live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My clients are large organisations who need compelling copy about the company strategy or about change programmes.  

Before calling me, most of my clients have tried to get their ideas across using Powerpoint. Powerpoints, however, are seldom persuasive. What's worse: when 10 managers present the same Powerpoint, they will all be telling the story just a bit differently, creating maximum confusion in the process. 

Whiteboard animations as shown on this website are an interesting alternative. They are engaging and will deliver the exact same message to everybody. I have made dozens of them, mainly for large organisations, in the public as well as the private sector.

Let me tell you what sort of subject matter clients call me about:

“We are an international electronics company. Our technical people design high tech machines. However, they hate the work that comes next: standardizing their inventions. We need a compelling story that will improve collaboration between our designers and our industrial engineers.

“We are an international technology company with approximately 75 million lines of code in our products. Over the years, a lot of technical debt has piled up in that code. We have recently designed a work format to clean up technical debt and prevent problems in the future. We need a story to get buy in for new this way of working."

Below is a showreel with some clips in English and in German. 

For information, feel free to call or mail

Johanna Kroon

0031.6.25033390 (cell phone) 

Paula Rennings  at PP Regisseurs

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